Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday Card

Obviously, I've been slacking in the card-making ... my last post was a week ago, for a Tuesday card.  Today, I had the card made ahead of time and still missed getting it in the mail.  (As I've explained before, our mail is picked up at the post office around noon and is trucked all the way across the state for sorting, and then is trucked back ... in the case of this card, to an address that's just 30 miles from me.)    But I digress:  I love the color of this cardstock and I love tiny polka dots.  It's a piece of cardstock I purchased at a JoAnn's store a few months ago.   Instead of Thursday, Chelsea will receive her card on Friday this week.

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Leslie Miller said...

Cute and cheerful and I love it! The scribble and the polka dots on textured paper -- delightful! The P.O. sure did cut back. It's the same everywhere. We need to send more cards so they don't cut back even more!