Tuesday, June 5, 2018

Tuesday Card

I've been absent for just about a month, but Chelsea has still received a card each week, except the day we were surprised in Brooklyn with our son's wedding!   When we were in New York for 12 days, I bought a letterpress card with an image of the Statue of Liberty and mailed it to her; when we returned home, I dug in my stash for a card to mail.  Today's card is a new one, but one created from a piece of alcohol ink background.

The flowers are Hero Arts.

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Leslie Miller said...

Your background is so cool it made me pull a piece of paper out of the desk specifically so I'd finally try something with my alcohol inks. It may end up in the trash... Your colors are pretty together and I love the stamp. I also like the pattern the window screen puts on the sill. I'm sure you had plenty of cards in your stash to send Chelsea when you got home, and it was good of you to think of her when you were in New York. I know she looks forward to your weekly correspondence.