Tuesday, April 24, 2018

Tuesday Card

I have this great My Favorite Things plaid paper pad; today, I decided I wanted to make a plaid card to send to Chelsea.  It's about as simple as can be: cover the card front with the plaid paper, die cut two "wacky" rectangles for the focus piece and sentiment and add some cute embellishments. ( I recently purchased 5 cards of Doodlebug Sprinkles in matte, so I'm going to use them often!) I added a strip of the plaid paper inside and on the back of the card.


Tish said...

HI, Evelyn,
As usual, you are the master of taking paper and doing something with it.
Since I have loads, I am going to try to copy your ideas..still, i do not have the perfect eye that you have.
Guess what--Hobby Lobby opened up in my area and now Michaels in the Clemson area which is just a few miles further. Since I am not teaching now, I don't need anything..but when I do, nice they are so close.
My sister had a friend who wanted to sell all her stamp stuff for about $400. I saw pictures and nothing was as good as what I have. So, I told her to pay for 1/2 my plane ticket to La Jolla and I will support her in her tennis tournament..so instead of stamps, I am going to CA. I told her that was a wiser way of spending her money cause I would probably donate the stamps to Goodwill anyway.
We are finally getting warm weather and no rain. This gives me chance to get out more and get my own tennis game working.

Take care. I do check on your work daily, but do not always get chance to comment.
Tish in South Carolina now

Leslie Miller said...

Plaids, ginghams, polka dots... I love them all, especially in these cheerful colors. I like the stitchy rectangles, too, which make me think of leather patches, and you know I'm coveting those matte sprinkles. I've got lots of catching up to do after being gone a few days, so no stamping for me, but when I visit blogs I sure do get inspired!