Monday, September 3, 2012


My stamping mess is back out on my kitchen counter...really my favorite place to work (but it's about the only room in the house without a TV!)...and I tried out the technique that Tim demonstrated in a video on Simon Says Stamp.   For some reason, the metallic stains don't seem to show up as well on my tags as they do on Tim's.   Go figure!  


Sue said...

Go figure indeed!!!! Ha, no matter Evelyn, what I see before me, are three very interesting, unique Tags.
Wonderful Bg Stamping.I will pop over and view his video now.
Your little light bulb looks great.
I have to mention also that I love your new Blog Header.

Bridget Larsen said...

My favourite colours, reminds me of the pacific islands with that colouring. Dont you hate it that it shows up when you see it in a demo and doesnt when you do it?

Lynn Stevens said...

I don't know Evelyn, These sure look spectacular to me!

Hate not having my email. No doubt stacking up minute by minute!
hugs Lynn

Ellie said...

They are fabulous!

Cathy said...

I really like how your tags came out.

Shar said...

Totally lovely!

Lynn Stevens said...

But it sure looks beautiful in person!!! LOVE my tag!
hugs lynn

itzamitzi said...

Remember, Tim is THE master of this stuff, so I never expect mine to look like his. LOL But I would be thrilled to create tags that looked like yours. They are very beautifully done. I love that little light bulb also.