Wednesday, April 18, 2012

A Giveaway all the way from Germany

My son and I had a conversation about online "friends" last week....he had been reading about the shallowness and lack of reality of such "friendships."   I replied that I understood what he and others thought, but I also believe that these relationships with someone we might never meet are also real.  Just as in face-to-face friendships, we share things that are similar.  As one who doesn't do a lot of socializing now that I'm retired, I enjoy my blogger friends!  One such friend I've made is Cynthia Schelzig of Germany, whose "line" of  "haute couture" dresses took me to her blog -- and I can't even remember where I saw the first one!

Cynnie is a translator in her day job, but she's a watercolor artist, a sketcher, a maker of beautiful books, a all-around artist. Her blog, Galerie 46, is full of eye candy.  A while ago, she had a giveaway on  and I was a very lucky winner of one of her watercolors.   It arrived while I was in New York last week, and yesterday I put it in a pretty silver frame.  Thank you, Cynnie!


Cynthia Schelzig said...

This is one of the plus points from blogging in that we meet people out there that have the same interests and through these interests...ours being art, cards, photography, etc. we find like minded individuals and that is one of the reasons I like blogging. We may never meet face-to-face but through our blogs we were lucky enough to meet. I am sooooo glad the Callas get to live at our house. You framed it beautifully. I know it will be happy:) at your house. Here is to blogging friendship!!

Sue said...

Hello Evelyn
I agree with your Son to a certain degree, but like you there are certain Virtual friends you 'Çlick' with, and any discerning person can identify certain characteristics through a Blog, you may never meet them as you so correctly point out, but I too cherish my friends through this forum. I may have 90+ followers, but that is a misnomer, there would be 10 or so that I know very well.
How absolutely stunning are the Calla Lilies, Cynnie should be delighted with the way you have framed them, the White is the perfect choice. I hope you have a wonderful break my friend.

Bridget Larsen said...

Don't get me started son of Evelyn LOL. My online friends are turning into my real go to friends even before IRL friends. Online friends for me are more accessible, I can leave them alone and vice versa, if they are having a bad day they wont bother me and vice versa and will come good when they or I are up to it. If I need some pep talk or visit I will call up real friends but it has to suit both of us timing wise, but my online friends are always there for me and there are lots to call upon. And if I didnt have online friends I wouldn't have met someone as nice as you.
Lovely present you got there

lisa said...

I agree with you completely about blogging friendships.
Friends come to us in all forms, and my blogging friends are some of my very best.

Those callas are just beautiful!

Lynn Stevens said...

Oh I so disagree about on line friends not being true friends. I have made such great blog friends whom I keep in touch with on a regular basis, some more than the friends that live close by.
I love seeing what they are up to and many times we email on a regular basis. We help each other through difficult times and rejoice in their accomplishments.
I can't even begin to tell you how much it meant to me when I was sick and I received cards and letters and emails from my blog friends. I still look at them all the time.
BTW how was your trip to New York? I'll send you a p.m shortly!
What a lovely gift from Cynnie, she is so very talented. It looks beautiful in the frame.
Hugs from one of your real blog friends!

Anneke said...

I never met Cynnie but I believe she's a wonderful person and a great artist! Wonderful flowers, great frame!