Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Creative Chemistry 101 Day 3

I completed only two of the three tags for this lesson.  My elderly mother is staying with me, and my craft room is next to her bedroom. Although I work in the kitchen, I still have to go back and forth for supplies.  Too noisy. Besides, I would have to dig for a Texture Fade used for the third tag.  I'll do it later.

I learned some new things in this lesson:  why Tim's stamps are always "dirty," and that I have some archival inks that aren't the standard archival dyes, so Brilliance inks can be substituted for what I don't have.  

Alcohol Ink Agates Technique     and     Archival Resist Technique


Sue said...

These Tags don't look too dirty Evelyn, I really like your Archival resist Tag, it has a Wow factor, I am glad you learned something today.

Elizabeth Allan said...

Wonderful tags Evelyn!

Bridget Larsen said...

ooh didnt know your mum was visiting. how long is she with you? Get her stamping or your photographic subject, she can be in your Sweet Shot Tuesdays

Anonymous said...

How fun to learn something about Tim. I heard that he never cleans the stamps.
Great tags again.Thanks for participating and being challenged to complete the work, with all that is going on.
Looking forward to your next assignment.

Leslie Miller said...

Nice work! You're learning a lot and making some beautiful things.