Monday, November 21, 2011

Thankful for time

My college friend Diane has been fighting cancer since the diagnosis in March.  As of last week, she had undergone 25 chemotherapy treatments.  She is amazingly upbeat and positive....and so loving.  Each week, I send her a card that I've made. She has told me that she's making a scrapbook of the cards.   This week, I'm sending her a harvest wreath for the Thanksgiving season.  I'm thankful for our 50-year friendship, although we have maintained that friendship only through letters and college alumni gatherings.  I'm thankful for her resilience, faith, and love.  And I'm thankful for more time.


Sue said...

OH my goodness Evelyn what a beautiful card for your dear friend, I also hope she has more time, you are a wonderful friend and I can imagine she looks at that scrapbook of cards, when she is feeling a little low and it will bring a smile to her face.
What a beautiful gift you have given her.

Lynn Stevens said...

What a special friend you are!