Monday, October 10, 2011

In the middle of the night

My stamping has bogged down horribly, and I need something to get going again.   I couldn't sleep last night, so got up and made this card.  It will be my weekly card for my dear friend who has undergone more than 20 chemo treatments since March.  

Simple embossing folder, polka-dotted ribbon, and leaves (one inside, too) stamped in the new Distress Ink colors.


Sue said...

Hello Evelyn
I can relate completely on how you are feeling, you have to realise that your body and brain has had a traumatic episode (if I can call it that). Just because General Anaesthesia is common it still affects the workings of our brain and it needs time to recover from the Drugs. You are still rehabilitating, so do not despair once you are up and mobile and the energy levels return you will be back making your lovely cards.
This one is delightful, sometimes I make my best cards in the middle of the night!!!
Take this HUG as it is a special one from me.

Leslie Miller said...

It's very pretty, Evelyn. Perky and cheerful and with just the right touch of Fall. I know these weekly cards do give your friend a little bit of extra strength and encouragement that she certainly needs right now. I hope you are feeling a bit better now.