Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Two projects in two days!

I'm still finding it difficult to get back into my card-making (actually, crafting of any sort) because I'm enjoying my photography so much.  However, the weekly challenges do keep my motivated, even if I don't always participate.

Rebecca of Tag Tuesday has challenged us with a "Ten Minute Tag."    It took me half of that time to cut the lilies from the patterned paper!   And I had to have a plan ahead of time, which isn't typical for me.   The image is from DezinaWorld (Headgear Ladies).


Lynn Stevens said...

Does this ever bring back memories of going to key hole pool every week during summer break, had to wear those flower bathing caps, I still remember the smell of rubber on my head! LOL
darling Evelyn!
hugs Lynn

Cynthia Schelzig said...

ooo I really like this tag...great design...heck, a 10 min tag...really...well, sounds like a challenge for me then:)

lisa said...

It's just beautiful Evelyn!!

Hellemor said...

Oh, this fun and beautiful at the same time. Love the flower hat. It´s such a great design.

BelleSouth said...

Evelyn, these colors are just great!