Saturday, January 8, 2011

Cards from the past

At least two years ago, I submitted a series of Asian-themed cards as part of a Yahoo group's submission for publication.  Well, they were never published, so I'm publishing them now.   They feature images from Lynne Perrella's "Imperial Cargo" line of Stampington stamps.

Calligraphy Robe on a background I call "Aussie background"

Background of color wash with salt "Puccini's Muse"

Bleached and painted "Cinnabar"

Brushless watercolor  "The Crimson Fan" 

Both of these cards feature the "Aussie background"


Sue said...

Good on you Evelyn for posting these cards, I for one think they are wonderful.
Very unique and original, it is always stimulating to see different themes.

Chris in Oz said...

Gorgeous cards, I love those stamps and have them all myself. I'd love to know a little more about the "Aussie background".


Cynthia Schelzig said...

and rightly so...these are fabulous cards. I still have my cans of webbing spray...I wonder if they even still work:) but you make me want to start spraying!!! Love the colors too.

Lynn Stevens said...

I Love all these Asian pieces, Divine!!

Susan said...

Have you posted a tutorial or instructions on creating the Aussie background? It is stunning - I'd love to try it.