Sunday, January 10, 2010

Compelled to craft!

My New Year's INTENTIONS included spending more time reading books. I have stacks of wonderful books that have been collecting dust the past few years while I have been consumed with playing with paper, inks, and stamps....among other things.  However, I'm having difficulty making the switch, and today was a good example.  After church, I watched a professional football game and then I started digging through some of my stacks of paper.  I chose to make tags, and these photos show the results.   Tomorrow, I fully intend to open the first book in the "Twilight" series, a gift I had requested for Christmas.   There's no guarantee, however, that paper crafting won't work its way to the front again.


Anonymous said...

An awesome display of reading, er, I mean creating! These are three very pretty tags, E. I guess pro football brings out your creative side, huh? Denise B.

Nancy said...

Love your tags, Evelyn! Good Luck those good intentions...maybe you can make some tags with a Twilight theme.